About Higs Garage

Higs Garage & Higley Welding is a small garage shop welding shop located near Rogers, Minnesota .I have been welding since the 1970s and have had my own small welding business since early 1980's. We have built and shipped the products shown below to all 48 States,Canada,Hawaii,Alaska ,and Europe.

My first sandbox digger backhoe  was made in 1970 in my high school shop class. I am pretty sure I am the first to have made and sold this popular ride on playground digger toy.

As time went on I started building the backyard fire pit ring along with grills,free standing patio fire pits,swing away grills and fire pit spark screens.

My most recent product of invention has been a 3 wheel bicycle conversion axle kit.This axle works when you take off the rear wheel of any bicycle and replace it with this adaptive  axle system  used primarily  when kid's and adults have special needs.

In 2015 I started building a rocking wheel chair platform.

This wheelchair platform rocker enables individuals to experience the benefits of rocking without transferring from a wheelchair and is designed for individuals with good upper-body strength and a sense of balance.

Other products include fire pits and planters made from up cycled stainless steel washing machine drums.

Sand-Snow Ride On Children's-Kid's digger mini backhoe. 

The Higley Metals sand & snow digger is by far one of the most popular independent ride on playground equipment additions for the playground.Made from type 304 Stainless 
Steel "no rust-no maintenance".

From parks to neighborhoods to summer resorts,these items are not only present but always in use.
Improves imagination along with motor skills,balance and upper body strength both kids and senior adults.
Most ride on sandbox digger excavators operate the same.Controlled by two handles,one lifts and one dumps.Spins 360 degrees and all hold max 500lbs.The Mini Digger spins on a central axis around a center post that is set in concrete. Approx 7ft diameter space is ideal for sand and snow area.
This sand scooper  will last longer and be used more than all other playground sand diggers "because it is made  to".
The large adult-senior model is currently showing up in outdoor senior exercise playgrounds.
For those who want the best contact HigleyMetals@gmail.com

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